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“As a professional football team we recognise the importance of BALLER ATHLETIK’s contribution to enhance optimum performance by helping our athletes recover while they’re playing, moving and resting.”

ATK Football Club - Indian Super League

“They felt energised and well rested and improvements were observed in recovery patterns.”

Bengal Warriors - Pro Kabbadi League

"Having practically lived in Baller Athletik gear for the past 1 month I feel like the best possible version of myself and I feel myself levelling up everyday."

Karan Chauhan, MMA Fighter, India Ranked #3

"This is a revelation in fitness clothing; it helps me energise myself through my rest and recovery, and of course I've seen results."

Nyela Kapadia, Master Functional Trainer

“Its so unique, and so different from any other clothing sponsor I’ve ever had. The (clothing) helps with concentration, performance and overall recovery. I look forward on taking this onto the Grand Slam level and winning many more matches in Baller Athletik”

Purav Raja - Shiv Chatrapati Awardee, World Ranked #50 Tennis Men’s Doubles

“I was so fascinated by the technology in the clothing, and wore it for 10 straight days, the recovery between sets, I'm not as fatigued and it's as simple as wearing a garment and getting better!”

Abeer Arsiwala, Indian National Footballer, Strength and Conditioning Coach - U-Mumba

“Baller Athletik has helped me recover⁠ better and enhance my performance with my own energy,⁠ through the clothing. Even a difference of a few percentage⁠ increases in my energy levels can boost my performance”

Fatema Dhoondia - 4x World⁠ Record holder, 7 International⁠ Gold medals, 4× Strong Woman title

"The technology in Baller Athletik improves my workouts and recovery multiple folds, just by wearing the clothes, it's amazing!"

Khushi Ganatra - National Para-lifter with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals under her belt

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