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Peak performance, good sleep and optimum recovery - everyone who cares about being on top of their fitness is constantly seeking it all. However, if you’re struggling in any one of these areas, all 3 will take a hit eventually. If you’re not sleeping well, you’re not going to recover well, and your performance levels are compromised. Baller Athletik is India’s first and only Bioceramic Mineral-infused activewear that focuses on aiding all this and more - helping you improve performance, sleep and recovery right from the get-go. We focus on helping those who have a passion for fitness - from everyday training to Olympian-level intensity - make their best, better. You give it your all, we’re here to help you play the percentage.

What is Far Infrared (FIR)?

Far Infrared (FIR) is a life-giving energy, emitted by the sun, certain minerals and the human body. It has a profound effect on us, boosting and stimulating our body’s basic biological functions. However, around 50% of it is lost as it is emitted through your body 24 hours a day.

How Baller Athletik Helps Step Up Your Game

Far Infrared Energy emitted by your body is absorbed by the Bioceramic minerals infused in the fabric, and immediately reflected back to you. The energy generated by FIR facilitates the relaxation of contracted muscles. The increase in blood flow, which follows the vasodilatation, sends more nutrients, oxygen, white blood cells and antibodies into the tissues and facilitates the removal of catabolites from the tissues. These biological modifications improve tissue trophism, facilitate the repair of tissue damage and accelerate the resolution of inflammatory infiltrates.This extra energy will help you perform better and train harder.

Baller Athletik has been globally tested and trusted by professional athletes - from footballers, cricketers, powerlifters and Olympians - to power their game, boost energy and speed up recovery. All you have to do is wear it.

How We Show Effectiveness

Better Sleep and Faster Recovery
Will you be strong enough? Do you need to train more? Do you need to train different? Over training, stress and anxiety around maintaining peak performance, and under recovery tend to throw off your sleep schedule in a big way. You’re not alone. 25% of athletes struggle with sleep disorders - making recovery and rest an uphill battle. However, sleep is a huge piece of recovery for both your muscles and your brain.

Studies found Far Infrared rays and recovery are intrinsically connected to each other. Far Infrared has been reported to contribute to less insomnia, decreased fatigue, and increased deep sleep. Energy that is produced at the cellular level quickens the recovery of muscle tissue. The effects of FIR on muscle tissue of athletes show positive effects on muscle strength recovery, relaxed muscles and a reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Improved Balance
When you change your approach to balance - no matter the sport - you’ve won more than half the battle. Form and stability are key drivers to athletic success.
Over 100 participants ranging from 25-75 years tested the Baller Athletik clothes by performing several balance exercises to assess dynamic balance and unidimensional construct by wearing a Baller Athletik t-shirt versus a normal t-shirt to calculate anticipatory postural adjustments, reactive postural control and sensory orientation. The results showed 80% of the participants having an improved balance when wearing Baller Athletik.

An improved balance will make you run harder, bike longer, lift stronger, fight swifter - every movement becomes more efficient.

Performance and Attention
Every little bit of focus matters in a game - a small shift takes away from what could be a legendary win. That catch you missed because your attention shifted; the reaction time you could’ve bettered to throw the right knockout punch or stop that penalty shot, the smallest shift in the opponent’s playing pattern that you’ve missed - it all counts in the end.

With Baller Athletik’s stringent testing to observe improvements in attention - both audio and visual - it was observed that those that wore the clothing of Baller Athletik reached a faster response time for both visual and auditory stimuli compared to those wearing the placebo, which corresponds to an increased speed of information processing.

What the World’s Best Have Experienced

Whether it is one of the top 50 world ranked tennis players saying that their concentration and performance have leaped ahead, or the Bengal Warriors players saying they see improvements in recovery patterns and energy levels, or even the high-performers of the Rajasthan Royalsseeing reduced muscle soreness - all the amazing athletes we work with are seeing marked improvements in their performance and attention, while boosting their recovery as well.

We're all about unleashing your true potential using the power of YOU. Your energy, worn your way, to level up your performance - all day, everyday.

"Our players have used the Baller Athletik training and recovery kits during the Pro Kabaddi season 2019. It was used by the players during their training sessions as well while sleeping. They felt energised and well rested and improvements were observed in recovery patterns."

Bengal Warriors - Pro Kabaddi League

"As a professional football team we recognise the importance of recovery and BALLER ATHLETIK’s contribution to enhance optimum performance by helping our athletes recover not only during sleep but also while they’re playing, moving and resting. 60-70% of the players reported better sleep quality and longer duration."

ATKMB - Indian Super League

"The feedback from our players was very encouraging, with many feeling improvements in their sleep patterns, reduced post-training muscle soreness, as well as an overall improved sense of wellbeing."

Rajasthan Royals - Indian Premier League

"The players felt super comfortable in their gear, and they love how they look in it. They loved that the material is breathable and movements in terms of a drill/exercise is very efficient and not restricted."

U Mumba - Pro Kabaddi League

John is an Australian sports physiotherapist of 27 years experience, involved in over 60 international cricket tours/series as a head physiotherapist. Has worked extensively with international cricket for the last 22 years, most notably as physiotherapist to the Indian cricket Team from 2004 – 2008, Surrey County Cricket in England (1998-2001), Bangladesh National Team from 2001-2004 and Rajasthan Royals (IPL) since its inception in 2008. John has also covered the Masters Champion’s League and the T10 International Leagues in the UAE as head physiotherapist. He sits actively on 3 advisory boards for school and health related projects in Mumbai and across India.

-John Gloster

Chief Sport Scientist, Rajasthan Royals,
Indian Premier League

Neville Wadia is a qualified Exercise Professional from Fitness Australia and a postgraduate MBA from the University of South Australia. He specialises in exercise prescription, rehab, prehab, and working with athletes. He is a qualified Master Rehab Trainer from the Rehab Trainer Institute in Australia. He has founded numerous health and fitness centres across Mumbai since 2012. He is passionate about elite sports training and disseminating health and fitness knowledge and advice in India.

-Neville Wadia

Exercise (Science) Professional from Fitness Australia

Gaurav has a Masters in Advanced Clinical Physiotherapy (Sports), an International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Physical Therapy, a FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine and is an Australian Strength and Conditioning Association certified coach. He has worked with major Indian sports league as their go-to Physiotherapist. Some of them being the Indian Super League and the Pro Kabaddi League.

-Gaurav Bhirud

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist