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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in Baller Athletik's men's shorts?

Baller Athletik's men's shorts are made with a high-quality blend of polyester or cotton, depending on the style. This innovative feature boosts your energy, improves performance, and reduces fatigue.

Are Baller Athletik's men's shorts moisture-wicking?

Yes, Baller Athletik's men's shorts are moisture-wicking, designed to keep you cool and dry during any activity.

Do Baller Athletik's men's shorts have pockets?

Yes, Baller Athletik's men's shorts have convenient pockets on both sides. Some styles even have secret pockets and built-in airpod pockets.

Can I wear Baller Athletik's men's shorts for outdoor activities?

Yes, Baller Athletik's men's shorts are perfect for any outdoor activity, from running and hiking to cycling and beyond.

How long should gym shorts be?

The ideal length for gym shorts varies, but many prefer shorts that hit above the knee for a balance of comfort and mobility. However, the length you choose depends on your activity, comfort, and personal style.

How to choose shorts for men?

To choose shorts, consider your activity type, fit, material, length, waistband, pockets, design, brand, and customer reviews to find the perfect pair that suits your needs and preferences.

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