We have pioneered India's first and only Infrared activewear to take your absolute best, and make it better.

Every single person that takes fitness seriously is constantly aiming to transform themselves to their best versions. But, what if you could up the game on how you get there – just by changing the clothing you wear as you train and recover?

Our clothing is engineered with a Bioceramic Mineral matrix, to capture your body's escaping Infrared energy and reflect it directly back to you, taking your energy to a whole new level. Your body uses this extra energy to optimise your performance, improve your balance, speed up recovery and reduce fatigue.

When you are giving it your all to go above and beyond in the pursuit of your goals, hopes and dreams – we’re there to push you on to do better, with your own energy.

Worn and recommended by highest performers in sport from IPL, ISL, Pro Kabaddi to the Olympics, to train harder, recoup faster and sleep better. What they wear on their hearts, they wear on their bodies. They Wear The Energy. They wear Baller Athletik.

To develop innovative performance apparel that replenishes the body with energy - to make your best, better!