Activewear for the world’s best. Accessible to you.

Activewear for the world’s best. Accessible to you.

Activewear for the world’s best. Accessible to you.

If you look at the highest performers today, if they don’t have optimum recovery, they don’t have consistent performance - we can’t talk about them independently anymore. What makes the world’s best athletes top of their game? Apart from daily dedicated efforts towards their training and recovery, they also settle for nothing less than the best of the best.

When Baller Athletik first began, we approached premier teams to create custom-designed t-shirts and shorts for them. After seeing the amazing results the athletes experienced, we realised we needed to bring this to the wider market – so they could aspire to join the best as they upped their fitness game too.

So what sets us apart from all the other performance activewear in India? Importantly, our fabrics infused with a bioceramic mineral matrix - the first and only one of its kind in India. This mineral infused clothing helps capture your lost Far Infrared (FIR) energy and gives it back to you.

FIR energy can penetrate up to four centimetres beneath your skin to reach muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. The body experiences this energy as a gentle radiant heat resulting in faster body recovery and increased sleep performance.

Premier teams such as U-Mumba and Bengal Warriors from the Pro Kabaddi League, Rajasthan Royals from the Indian Premier League, ATK Mohun Bagan from the Indian Soccer League and many world-class athletes up to the level of Olympians - all are aware of the importance of harnessing your own energy, and of the benefits of FIR energy, especially to recovery.

John Gloster, the lead physiotherapist for Rajasthan Royals, made a valid point while talking to us about how he felt about Baller Athletik gear. “We’re becoming far more astute around looking at our suite of recovery protocols that we now have available to us. We need to identify what are the best ones that are going to work for us and our athletes. We have a responsibility to bring to them the best products in the market in the recovery space.”

Studies found Far Infrared rays and recovery are intrinsically connected to each other. Far Infrared has been reported to contribute to less insomnia, decreased fatigue, and increased deep sleep. Energy that is produced at the cellular level quickens the recovery of muscle tissue. The effects of FIR on muscle tissue of athletes show positive effects on muscle strength recovery, relaxed muscles and a reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

When you struggle with recovery, you also struggle with the ability to perform at your best - whether at training, on a tournament, or even in your day to day. Recovery is a cornerstone of keeping your performance at its peak, and if it isn’t optimum, neither is your output.

Not only are you able to recover better wearing Baller Athletik, by extension you are also able to improve your performance and reduce fatigue. Peak performance, good sleep and optimum recovery - everyone who cares about being on top of their fitness is constantly seeking it all. However, if you’re struggling in any one of these areas, all 3 will take a hit eventually. If you’re not sleeping well, you’re not going to recover well, and your performance levels are compromised.

Baller Athletik has been globally tested and trusted by professional athletes - from footballers, cricketers, powerlifters and Olympians - to power their game, boost energy and speed up recovery. All you have to do is wear it.