Drop it like it’s hot - we just did with our new collection!

Drop it like it’s hot - we just did with our new collection!

Drop it like it’s hot - we just did with our new collection!

It’s dropped!

Our new collection is available on www.ballerathletik.com - psyched yet?!

We’ve kept our promise to help improve your performance, recovery, and overall energy - and taken it to the next level with our approach to cut, design and styles.

That’s right, it’s been a long time coming. We know how much you’ve been hankering for some new styles - we’ve been listening to you every time you’ve made a purchase from us - and boy, do we have a good line-up in store for you. Before we tell you about the new collection though, we’d just like to take a moment.

We’d like to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for your constant and steady support through our journey. We’ve loved hearing your feedback and your appreciation of the clothing, and genuinely enjoy watching you wear your energy and make your best, better.

Now, coming to this new collection - it is LIT! We’ve got the styles you’ve come to know and love, but we’ve also been listening to everything you’ve been saying and we’ve brought in never before seen styles at Baller Athletik. Sports bras, high-waist leggings, coordinated looks - whatever you have imagined as possible styles, we’ve tried to offer you…and then some.

But of course, some things still stay the same.

The tech you love

Every single piece that’s come out of Baller Athletik, and that will in the future, is infused with bioceramic minerals to help capture your naturally emitted energy. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that this (Far Infrared) energy is life-giving and can help boost your performance and recovery - using your own energy. How does it work? Our bioceramic mineral infused fabric will trap FIR and refeed it back to you, helping you quite literally wear your energy.

What's new?

Recovery gear - Using our signature bioceramic mineral matrix infused fabric, the recovery gear is slick AF.

Training gear for women - We’ve had tons of requests for more training gear for women. So not only do we have sports bras, high-waist leggings and shorts with secret phone pockets - we have colour-coordinated options!

All new tee range for men - The men’s tees we had were already popular, so we decided to add some more - actually, a lot more! We’ve got a range of new colours and cuts to suit every body, and every mood!

This collection has all the styles you know and love, and then some. Whether you kit yourself out, or want to twin with your workout buddy - we’ve got you covered!

Tell us what you think, share your new gear on social media and tag us in it, and of course - feedback is always welcome.