Being comfortable in garments that are suitable for a run, a quick coffee or even a casual dinner are now popular. From psychedelic sneakers to oversized t-shirts and tracks, millennials are favoring athleisure over other ensembles or runway trends.

Athleisure as a trend seamlessly merges fitness wear with everyday fashion, creating versatile and comfortable ensembles that transition from the gym to casual outings effortlessly.

"Athleisure naturally accommodated this shift, providing clothing that not only facilitated workouts but offered the comfort for remote work and daily routines," says Tanveer Daswani, Founder and CEO, Baller Athletik.

Baller Athletik introduced innovative activewear and sleepwear that is scientifically proven to boost energy by using performance-enhancing technologies. Their clothing is infused with bio ceramic minerals, that recycle your body's energy and has been scientifically proven to enhance performance, accelerate recovery, and promote better sleep. This in turn amplifies calorie burn, boosts blood flow, and increases oxygenation in muscles.

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