Super Pumped For Baller Athletik's Energy-Enhancing Activewear #ScoupPartner

Super Pumped For Baller Athletik's Energy-Enhancing Activewear #ScoupPartner

When an entire IPL cricket team vouches for you, you know you’ve got game.

Step up for Baller Athletik, a future-forward sportswear brand that engineers its fabric with a combination of Bioceramic Minerals that claim to help capture your lost Far Infrared Energy (naturally emitted by your body) and gives it back to you. “This re-feeding of energy through Activwearable Technology propels your performance further than you ever thought possible,” founder Tanveer Daswani tells us.

But of course, you shouldn’t just take his word for it; a browse on their website shows everyone from the Rajasthan Royals to Bengal Warriors, Wimbledon players to footballers and para athletes to fitness junkies, vouching for this sportswear’s ability to help with improved energy and performance levels, and in some cases, with rest and recovery.

But what does this mean for a non pro-athlete like us? More energy at post-work pilates with reduced muscle soreness? A few extra surya namaskars on the mat and restful sleep right after? Sign us up please! Also shooting a mail to Tanveer to see if our office clothes can be infused with a little magic mineral energy as well. We’ll let you know what he says.

Hot With A Good Heart

But Baller Athletik isn’t just about what’s on the inside. After taking the time to perfect this technology that they claim sets them apart from other active wear brands in India, Tanveer and team also worked on taking cut, design and styles to a new level with their latest collection drop.

Ladies, cloud-soft hoodies (great for flights too), racerbacks, shorts and deliciously coloured blue marine T-shirts await, as does a line up of exciting sports bras, high waisted leggings, tanks and co-ord sets that in our heads, evoke live volcanoes and the Japanese painting, Under the Wave Off Kanagawa.

Men, things are much calmer over in your section, where solid coloured tees, shorts, track pants and muscle tanks flex quietly but effectively in a corner. A good lesson for aggro gym-bros.

In addition to activewear, Baller Athletik helps you achieve your goal but also your dreams; their sleep gear and athleisure wear for men and women are super cosy.

In addition to the energy tech, these garments also do what you would expect them to: help keep sweat and odour at bay. “Plus, they are comfy AF,” Tanveer says.

Our favourite thing? Baller Athletik leggings for women are fitted with secret phone pockets. How’s that for peek performance?

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