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India's First & Only Athleisure Built For Recovery

We're proud to be the first brand in India to pioneer Bioceramic mineral technology into Athleisure to help you take your recovery game to new heights. Our technology recycles your body's energy creating a multitude of benefits.

Backed by Science

A Technological Marvel
Our garments recycle Far-Infrared Energy, to boost circulation, cellular oxygenation and reduce lactic acid build up.

Experience street-style comfort, feel more energized, and recover with ease.

Technology Infused In Every Thread

  • Pure Comfort, Baller Style

    Our athleisure line features premium fabrics for exceptional comfort, breathability, and sleek streetwear aesthetics.

  • Powered by Infrared

    Bioceramic minerals infused into every fibre of our athleisure recycles wasted Infrared energy from your body to promote microcirculation speed up recovery.

  • Improves Oxygenation

    Enhanced microcirculation delivers oxygen faster to every cell in your body. Feel the surge of energy.

  • Forget About Soreness

    The science behind our athleisure line aids in active muscle recovery, flushing out lactic acid faster, making you feel less sore.

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