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Turbocharge Your Calorie Burn
Achieve a Stronger Balance
Improve Muscle Recovery
Faster Reaction Times


  • I didnt know a technology like this was possible. After a few weeks of wearing Baller Athletik to the gym, I noticed that I was getting tired slower and I was able to do more in every 1 hour session! Amazing!

    Vikas D.
  • This is the BEST DEAL EVER!! Amazing products, amazing quality, I feel like I can workout for days!!!

    Shubham B.
  • Really cool workout gear! I can see the benefits of the tech in every workout! Kudos to the Baller Athletik team!

    Priyank S.
  • This gear is unreal! I bought 3 workout tees and a pair of shorts first, so cool that you get to choose from everything! Bought 2 sleep sets after that, I’m set for the year! Amazing quality! Well worth the price!

    Aran K.
  • I absolutely LOVE this brand! I bought the black and white hoodie and jogger set and it works so well in speeding up my recovery! Wearing it after the gym I barely feel like I went to the gym at all! Fantastic!

    Anirudh S.
  • I have been a customer for Baller for over a year, and this is one of the best deals you can get! People underestimate how much of an impact improving your sleep can have on your life, I totally recommend getting some sleep gear while it lasts!

    Rahil T.
  • I go to the gym regularly and I’ve finally found a homegrown Indian brand that really knows what they’re doing in the sportswear space! Incredible to be wearing the same tech that pro athletes wear to train in everyday!!

    Piyush S.
  • Tbh I didn’t know how awesome this brand is until I bought the gym tees. Its incredible value for money and the fit is really good! Top marks!

    Mayank G.
  • I wish I knew about this starter kit before, but I bought 4 items on this deal 2 tees and 2 shorts and I’m super happy with them! No odor when you sweat in the gym, and I like the muscle recovery tech in this, I dont feel very sore after intense workouts!

    Adil C.
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Everything you can dream of in modern sportswear

  • Stay Shielded

    Relish the outdoors without worry. Our UV-protective gear safeguards your skin against harmful rays.

  • Air Flow Freedom

    Experience ultimate breathability and enhance your performance with gear that lets your skin breathe.

  • Block The Stink

    Keep the stink at bay after intense workouts with our advanced anti-odour technology.

  • Built to Last

    Engineered for endurance, our durable sportswear is your long-lasting fitness partner.

  • Light as Air

    Feel free and unrestrained with our ultra-light gear. Enhance your performance without feeling weighed down.

  • Stay Dry, Stay Active

    No sweat, no problem. Our moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and focused.

  • Effortless Motion

    Experience unrestricted freedom with our gear, built to move as you move.

  • Comfort-First

    We prioritize your comfort, designing sportswear that enhances your performance and maximizes your workout.

Backed by Science

Our Bioceramic mineral technology recycles your body’s wasted energy, maximizing calorie burn, increasing your stamina, and faster muscle recovery.


"I was so fascinated by the technology in the clothing, and wore it for 10 straight days, the recovery between sets, I'm not as fatigued and it's as simple as wearing a garment and getting better!"

Abeer Arsiwala, Indian National Footballer

"They felt energised and well rested and improvements were observed in recovery patterns."

Bengal Warriors

"It has created great impact in my training, recovery, energy, my reaction time and sleep patterns which substantially improves my performance and endurance and with progressive results I look forward to win more championship wearing Baller Athletik"

Pranit Watve - Indian Racing Driver - Formula 4

"The players felt super comfortable in their gear, and they love how they look in it. We want the best in recovery tech for our players, and Baller Athletik delivers."


"Even if a billion dollar brand approached me, I wouldn't work with them. Having practically lived in Baller Athletik gear, I feel like the best possible version of myself and I feel myself levelling up everyday."

Karan Chauhan, MMA Fighter, India Ranked #3

"Players felt improvements in their sleep patterns, reduced post training muscle soreness as well as an overall improved sense of well being"

Rajasthan Royals

"As a professional football team we recognise the importance of BALLER ATHLETIK's contribution to enhance optimum performance by helping our athletes recover while they're playing, moving and resting."

ATK Football Club

"The technology in Baller Athletik improves my workouts and recovery multiple folds, just by wearing the clothes, it's amazing!"

Khushi Ganatra - National Para-lifter with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals under her belt

"Baller Athletik has helped me recover better and enhance my performance with my own energy. Even a difference of a few percentage increases in my energy levels can boost my performance"

Fatema Dhoondia - 4x World Record holder, 7 International Gold Medals, 4x Strong Woman Title