Join Athletik Awards and make every move count. The more you engage, the closer you get to exclusive experiences, special gifts, and premium discounts. Elevate your game with Baller Athletik!

Earn Medals

  • 20 Medals

    on every product review via email

  • Earn 30 Medals

    on every ₹3000 spent

  • Earn 15 Medals

    on creating a profile on (sign up)

  • 10 Medals

    on signing up for newsletter

  • 15 Medals

    on following us on Instagram

  • Additional 10 Medals

    to unlock Birthday month rewards

Refer a Friend

20 Medals

Award Tier

All Stars

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Exclusive Members Discounts
Early Access to Sale


(On spends above ₹3500)

Exclusive Members Discounts
Early Access to Sale and new collections
Special occasion rewards

Hall of Fame

(on spend above ₹5000)

Exclusive Members Discounts
Early Access to Sale and new collections
Special occasion rewards
Complimentary annual goodies from Baller Athletik


What are Athletik Awards?

Athletik Awards is our way of pampering loyal customers with exclusive services, special gifts, and attractive discounts. Elevate your status and enjoy more perks by spending and interacting more with Baller Athletik!

How can I join?

It's simple to become a member! Just sign up for the Athletik Awards program by registering on with your name and email. There's no cost to join, and you'll have instant access to all the perks as soon as you're enrolled!

As an Athletik Awards member, what benefits do I get?

Your perks as an Athletik Awards member are tied to your membership tier. As you climb to higher tiers, your benefits increase. Every Athletik Awards member enjoys initial benefits like early sale access, exclusive member discounts, and a 10% discount upon points redemption. For a comprehensive overview of all the rewards available across different Athletik Awards tiers, please refer to the chart above or check our Athletik Awards program terms and conditions page for detailed information.

How do I accumulate Awards? 

There are multiple ways to earn awards: 1) Make a purchase – Every spend above Rs 1000 earns you 10 medals. 2) Sign up on profile section and receive 15 Medals. 3) Share a product review through emails to earn 20 medals. 4) Follow us on Instagram to receive an extra 15 medals. 5) Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and gain 10 medals. 6) Unlock Birthday month rewards with an additional 10 medals.

How do I redeem Awards? 

Depending on your status and accumulated awards, you can exchange 10 awards for a discount of INR 100, and so forth.

Do my awards have an expiration date?

Yes, they expire only if you don't make a purchase throughout the entire calendar year. For instance, if you earned 50 awards on January 1, 2023, through a purchase and other activities but don't make another purchase until December 31, 2023, those 50 awards will expire on January 1, 2024. We will send you a notification before your points are set to expire.

Is there an expiration for my tier/status?

As you accumulate points, you ascend through the tiers, and you'll retain that tier for a duration of 12 months even after redeeming your points. After the 12-month period, your status undergoes reevaluation based on your purchases. If your purchases are sufficient to maintain your current status, it remains; otherwise, you will be moved to the status that best aligns with your activity.

Is it possible to merge awards from different accounts?

No, it's not. We advise members to use a single email address for all transactions to ensure the proper receipt of awards.

What happens when I initiate a return? 

Athletik Awards are promptly credited to your account upon purchase. Yet, in the event of a return within 14 days, following the exchange/return policy, your points will be deducted accordingly.

How can I obtain special occasion rewards?

If your Athletik awards qualify for the Hall of Fame tier, you're entitled to an annual birthday reward. Around two weeks before your birthday, an email containing a special birthday reward will be sent to you. The email will include redemption instructions and any relevant terms and conditions. To ensure you're on the birthday list, add your birthday information in the checkout section or through ways to earn points