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Our garments recycle Far-Infrared Energy, to boost blood flow and cellular oxygenation.

Run for longer and spend less energy. Feel less sore after every run. Beat your personal best.

Go Further

  • Engineered to make you run for longer

    Bioceramic minerals infused into every fibre of our sportswear recycles wasted energy from your body and refeeds it back to you.

  • Powered by Infrared

    Harness your body's natural energy to promote microcirculation to increase your stamina and endurance.

  • Improves Oxygenation

    Enhanced microcirculation delivers oxygen faster to every cell in your body. Feel the surge of energy as you run.

  • Recover While You Run

    The science behind our sportswear aids in active muscle recovery, flushing out lactic acid faster, making you feel less sore.

Why Stop At Running?