Baller Athletik uses Bioceramic Infused Sportswear to Improve Performance & Recovery

Baller Athletik uses Bioceramic Infused Sportswear to Improve Performance & Recovery

Being an athlete necessitates dedication and hard effort. Specific dietary plans, diets, fitness routines, and physiotherapy treatments, among other things, are required. Everything from what they eat to how much sleep they receive is tracked. All of these are critical components in their ongoing quest to improve their performance. Sports personnel and businesses are continuously looking for ways to improve the pitch to aid in this trip.

Baller Athletik is one such company that brings a new development. Tanveer Daswani began his endeavor to assist athletes to enhance their performance in 2019.

Baller Athletik

Having spent over a decade in Africa, Daswani spent the majority of his time researching and working closely with fabric technology and specialized in high-tech finishes. During his time researching there, he came across Far Infrared and its effects on performance by infusing Bioceramic minerals into clothing.

Now Bioceramic infused clothing is not something you come across on a daily basis so let’s break it down.

Bioceramic is a material made from a composition of ceramic and bio-sourced materials from castor plant oil, usually used for repairing or replacing damaged bone tissues. According to a study done by S. Bose, D. Banerjee and A. Bandyopadhyay, this material interacts with the tissues surrounding it supporting tissue growth or inducing new tissue regeneration.

Studies have shown that the infusion of this material in clothes has demonstrated improvement in neuromuscular performance, and biochemical and perceptual markers. This basically means it improves attention spans and balance, reduces lactic acid build-up, increases Nitric Oxide, and provides more oxygen to the body at a cellular level.

Daswani, founder and CEO of Baller Athletik, claims that Bioceramic minerals capture the body’s Infrared Energy (naturally emitted through the skin) and reflect it right back giving users that extra push to improve performance and reduce fatigue.

The D2C brand primarily has three verticals- sportswear line, athleisure line, and sleepwear line. It not only focuses on giving that extra push while working out but also using the body’s energy while resting to help repair the muscles and body.

The company sources all of its materials and fabric from within India and works with sportswear manufacturers in Mumbai. It delivers pan India and is currently in talks with distributors in Australia and the Middle East. “Our current focus is the Indian market because people have really embraced health and fitness as a lifestyle,” said Daswani.

The company has partnered with India’s sports scientists, physiotherapists, and athletes in the process of creating and testing its products. Baller Athletik kits were used by Rajasthan Royals, ATK Mohan Bagan, Umumba, and a few Olympic athletes. It is building a community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts reaching out to Indian players in the fields of tennis, squash, powerlifting, and para-athletes.

Without disclosing any revenue figures, Daswani said the company recently closed its pre-seed round which saw support from Triarchh, a venture development firm with experience in the sports, health and wellness ecosystem as one of its investors.

Having started operation only a couple of months prior, it is currently present in e-commerce marketplaces like Myntra, Ajio, Amazon, Nykaa, and Nykaa Fashion. It plans on opening up offline stores and experience centers along with plans of introducing the brand to the Middle Eastern and Australian markets.