Try At-Home Strategies to Fuel Your Weight-Loss Journey

Try At-Home Strategies to Fuel Your Weight-Loss Journey

Weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint.

It is a result of hard work, dedication, patience, and gradual lifestyle changes. Thus, any article or video that promises instant weight loss is merely bluffing to get more viewership. There is no magical weight loss diet or weight loss exercise that can get you in shape overnight.

Truth be told, weight loss is tough. However, it is not impossible! Further, there are ways to accelerate faster weight loss through diet and exercise.

Here are a few science-backed strategies to help you lose weight:

Set Achievable Goals

It is easy to get carried away while setting your weight loss goal. Sure, we all wish that we could lose 10 kgs in a week, but rapid weight loss is unhealthy and unsustainable. Plus, think of the junk-binge you may go on after realizing that you are not meeting your goals!


If you want to stick to the weight loss journey, one has to be realistic. Opt for SMART goals to define what you want. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based.

Create a Diet Plan

There is no standard weight loss diet that works for everyone equally. Steer clear of the fad diets and focus on healthy and nutritious eating.


Typically, you should consume whole foods with a good amount of vegetables and fruit for weight loss. You do not have to make drastic changes to your diet. However, you can incorporate it little by little as you swapping processed or junk food for healthier alternatives.

If you find it hard to stick to a healthy, balanced diet, you can meal prep in advance to stay on track.

Formulate a Workout Routine


You don’t have to necessarily sign up for a gym membership to welcome a fitter you. However, it is highly recommended that you lead an active life through home exercises to lose weight. Create a workout plan consisting of exercises that you can do at home. Ideally, a routine comprising of HIIT and cardio can speed up weight loss.

Do space out your home workout for recovery days. Infrared clothing can speed up this recovery and prevent any pains or aches.

Manage Emotions


Those who indulge in emotional eating often find it harder to manage their weight. It is our body’s natural and instinctive response to crave salty, sugary, and fried foods when it experiences emotional stress. Other times, boredom could lead to unnecessary snacking. Find ways to de-stress and keep yourself busy to deal with emotional eating.

Further, it would help if you cleared out your pantry to remove all unhealthy food options.

Visualize Your Goals


Mental imagery can motivate you to stick to your weight loss regime. You can review your journey through Before-After photos or set aside a favorite pair of pants that you wish to fit into. Find ways to make your weight loss goal more tangible. The positive emotions associated with it will give you a boost when you feel like you are on the brink of giving up!

Continue to Push Your Limits


Switch up your bodyweight exercises to incorporate tougher variations. Increase the frequency of your reps. You may wear infrared clothing to maintain high energy levels as you power through more challenging workout routines.

Complacency will get you nowhere. Hence, you must learn to push your limits.

Practice Compassion Towards Self

Ready to break into the ab workouts at home but finding it hard to go beyond five crunches? It’s okay.

Following a strict low-calorie weight loss diet but have gone over your calorie count for the day? It’s okay.

It is almost impossible to pursue your weight loss goal without encountering any setbacks. You need to take it in your stride and bounce back from it.

It is always more important to complete home workouts than to abandon it midway. So vie for completion and consistency than perfection.

Monitor Progress


Quite often, weight loss is not all about shedding pounds. In fact, it could manifest in the form of healthy eating habits, face gains, or a toned body. Thus, it becomes crucial to address these non-scale victories and journal them too.

Finally, make it a point to celebrate the little achievements and milestones that come your way. Enjoying the weight loss journey is the best way to commit to it in the long term.

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