How Baller Athletik is Integrating Technology into Sportswear

How Baller Athletik is Integrating Technology into Sportswear

How Baller Athletik is Integrating Technology into Sportswear

Baller Athletik is an athleisure wear brand that embodies a passion for fitness and optimal performance through technology. As a fitness enthusiast, Tanveer Daswani, Founder and CEO, Baller Athletik has spent countless hours researching the various workouts and diet regimens. During this time, the founder came across articles on Far Infrared Energy and its impact on athletic performance, which inspired him to create a market offering that integrates this technology into innovative sportswear, athleisure, and sleepwear, to revolutionize athletic performance and be a part of India's exponentially expanding D2C retail industry.

As a brand, Baller Athletik’s mission is to help athletes push their limits and achieve their full potential by enhancing their physical capabilities. Since the brand’s inception, it has experienced tremendous growth and has received gratification for its products while closely working with premier teams, who the brand partnered with for custom-design athletic wear infused with its technology. Elevating performance, speeding up recovery, and improving sleep are just some of the USPs of this brand. Till date, it has supplied sports kits to some of the most renowned sports leagues in India, including the Rajasthan Royals, ATK Mohan Bagan, Umumba, and even the Olympians.

“Over time, we have gained a loyal following of athletes who appreciate our commitment to quality and performance. Through our community-building activities, we've been able to refine our products and expand our reach to access India's leading tennis, squash, powerlifting, and para-lifting champions across markets,” said Tanveer Daswani, Founder and CEO, Baller Athletik.

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With piqued interest in active lifestyle, Daswani delved deeper into the subject. Moreover, armed with extensive knowledge about highly effective textile technologies that he gained through experience with his business in Lagos, where he developed specialized hi-tech textile finishing for government bodies.

“Building on this expertise, I developed the initial concept of Baller Athletik - exploring the potential of Far Infrared Technology in athletic performance. After conducting successful trials at prominent European performance centers in collaboration with a European firm, I returned to Mumbai with a clear vision of creating innovative athletic wear infused with our technology,” added Daswani.

Through research and testing, he discovered integration of Bioceramic minerals into clothing, which emitted Far Infrared energy that could significantly benefit athletes. This included improved attention span and balance, reduced lactic acid build-up, increased nitric oxide, and greater oxygen delivery to the body's cellular level.

To further bring this vision to life, the founder collaborated with renowned sports coaches, physiotherapists, and sports scientists to create custom-designed athletic wear that could provide athletes with the ultimate performance-enhancing gear.

“This inspired us to take Baller Athletik to the market, committed to delivering our Far Infrared-infused athletic wear to athletes worldwide. From a research-driven initiative, we have evolved into a brand dedicated to offering innovative, top-quality products to help athletes unlock their full potential,” he stated.

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Brand USP and Categories

Baller Athletik offers a diverse collection of sportswear, activewear and sleepwear for both men and women. To expand its offerings, the brand plans to broaden its product line with an extended range of athleisure wear, which is a growing trend in the market.

Moreover, it is also enhancing its sleepwear range to meet the high expectations of its discerning customers.

While numerous brands are entering the sportswear and athleisure market, Baller Athletik distinguishes itself by prioritizing technology in its products. Since comfort and durability are certainly vital components of any sportswear brand today, many focus on common features such as anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties, however, Baller Athletik’s use of Bioceramic minerals benefit fitness enthusiasts and thus, sets the brand apart.

“Using Bioceramic materials, our products work in conjunction with the body’s natural energy to enhance performance, aid in recovery, activate muscles and even improve sleep. Our technology not only increases the body’s ability to activate water molecules but also elevates nitric oxide and reduces lactic acid levels while promoting overall physical wellness. We are confident that our products provide unique benefits that are unparalleled in the market, and we eagerly look forward to sharing them with our valued customers,” asserted Daswani.

Product and Marketing Focus

From a product perspective, Baller Athletik is actively researching new technologies and avenues where it can enter. The brand further intends to expand its product offerings, especially in the athleisure and sleepwear segment.

“We are committed to nurture and empower aspiring talents, especially children, to achieve their goals. We have received an overwhelming response from athletes, premier teams, and district and state-level organizations, requesting our assistance in supporting their young talent. Our inbox is inundated with these requests, and we are eagerly anticipating working with them,” added Tanveer.

Furthermore, the brand is thrilled to partner with these organizations and contribute positively to the fitness and sports community in India. Its focus on empowering aspiring talent and providing high-quality sportswear is a testament to its commitment to the industry and looks forward to build a strong relationship with these organizations and supporting the growth of the sports and fitness industry in India.

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Retail and Marketing Strategy

As a company, the brand’s marketing strategy focuses on building an organic community of ambassadors who believe in its product and its values. “We prioritize being direct-to-consumer and expanding our presence across various marketplaces, both online and offline. Currently, our focus is on building our community organically. With the world opening up and consumers visiting stores in numbers, in 2023 we are exploring the possibility of offline retail and potentially opening our stores,” he said.

For the brand to take the D2C route was a choice that was purely customer-driven, with consumers becoming fitness-oriented and mostly staying indoors amidst the pandemic, D2C seemed to be the only sensible approach for reaching out to consumers. This further helped Baller Athletik to be in direct touch with its customers and get feedback on its collections and products.

“We also have a B2B approach where we work closely with premier teams and provide custom-made kits for their players. So, we have both B2B and D2C channels for our brand,” added Daswani.

Marketing has evolved over the years and brands have pivoted on how they are using various tactics based on their goals, audience preferences and offering. Similarly, Baller Athletik’s social commerce strategy primarily focuses on organic community building through our platform and personal social media channels.

“While we do advertise, we ensure that it’s done in a non-invasive manner, as we understand that our platform is built on trust and keeping the engagement going. We do not push people to buy our products, but rather we showcase our products and let our community members decide if they wish to purchase them. Our goal is to maintain a high level of trust within the community and to provide a positive experience for all our users,” asserted Daswani.

Future Plans

Baller Athletik’s future plans involve a concerted effort to expand its reach and to make its innovative products available to as many individuals as possible. With its product line designed to cater to both fitness enthusiasts and individuals who place a premium on mental wellness, the brand’s product portfolio can be rendered suitable for a wide range of consumers.

Furthermore, it is concentrating on creating various offline stores and experience centers. This strategic move will not only promote the growth of the brand but will also allow its customers to experience Baller Athletik’s products first-hand. The brand is also formulating plans to introduce its brand to the Middle Eastern and European markets through local distributors.

“Our community-centric strategy is what sets us apart and makes us stand out as a brand. As a result, while we plan to expand globally, we remain dedicated to our core principles and efforts to build a community,” concluded Tanveer Daswani.