India's 1st & Only Infrared Activewear

India's 1st & Only Infrared Activewear That Recycles Your Energy For More Action & Productivity

Recently, we interacted with Tanveer Daswani, Founder of Baller Athletik, which has partnered with premier teams from the Rajasthan Royals, ATK Mohun Bagan FC, and the Bengal Warriors, for developing custom-designed athletic wear infused with Bioceramic Mineral.

Here are the interview highlights:

1. What was the initial idea before starting this brand, what made you venture into activewear?

Prior to founding Baller Athletik, I embarked on an intriguing journey that began whilst working in my family’s business in lagos. During this time, I founded my own business specialising in technologies for textiles, for Military and Government agencies in need of protective and functional clothing. My true passion however revealed itself during my personal time spent at the gym; or sprinting on the side roads of Lagos. I was obsessive about fitness and optimal performance, spending my downtime reading literature on fitness trends and sports science. The merging of my professional expertise and personal passion led to the birth of Baller Athletik.

My extensive research on the effects of Far Infrared on performance by infusing Bioceramic minerals into clothing that emit Far Infrared energy could improve attention spans and balance, reduce lactic acid build-up, increase Nitric Oxide, and provide more oxygen to the body at a cellular level. Building on this expertise, I developed the initial concept of Baller Athletik – exploring the potential of Far Infrared technology in athletic performance. After conducting successful trials at prominent European performance centres in collaboration with a European firm, I returned to Bombay with a clear vision of creating innovative athletic wear infused with our technology.

To further bring this vision to life, I collaborated with renowned sports coaches, physiotherapists, and sports scientists to create custom-designed athletic wear for Indian premier teams that could provide athletes with the ultimate performance-enhancing gear. The exceptional outcomes of our collaboration, inspired us to take Baller Athletik to the market.. From a research-driven initiative, we have evolved into a brand dedicated to offering innovative, top-quality products to help athletes worldwide unlock their full potential.

2. We have numerous brands foraying into this segment, what makes your brand stand out? Please elaborate on your product USP

While there are certainly many brands entering the activewear and athleisure market, our brand distinguishes itself by prioritising technology in our products. Comfort and durability are certainly vital components of any activewear brand today and many even focus on common features like anti-odour and moisture-wicking properties, however, it is our use of Bioceramic minerals benefitting fitness enthusiasts that sets us apart.

Using Bioceramic materials, our products work in conjunction with the body’s natural energy to enhance performance, aid in recovery, activate muscles and even improve sleep. Our technology not only increases the body’s ability to enhance blood flow, but also reduces lactic acid levels while promoting overall physical wellness. We are confident that our products provide unique benefits that are unparalleled in the market.

3. How is the brand transforming the activewear market with the help of technology?

At Baller Athletik, our commitment to innovation is unrelenting, and we consistently strive to surpass conventional boundaries with our product line. Our exclusive incorporation of Bioceramic minerals into our fabrics, a revolutionary technology, is the first and only of its kind in India. These minerals emit Far Infrared (FIR) energy, which is scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance and recovery. By boosting attention spans, elevating Nitric Oxide levels, improving balance, reducing lactic acid accumulation, and facilitating the delivery of more oxygen to the cellular level of the body, our cutting-edge technology ensures optimal athletic performance. We take pride in offering performance-enhancing apparel to our discerning customers.

4. Do you plan on bringing in more technological advancements?

Certainly! We are committed to researching and integrating technological advancements to enhance athletic performance. We are continuously developing innovative technologies to incorporate into our apparel and are looking forward to sharing updates on this front soon.

5. What are your brand’s future plans, do we see your brand entering international markets?

Our brand’s future plans involve a concerted effort to expand our reach and make our innovative products available to as many individuals as possible. Our product line is designed to cater to both fitness enthusiasts and individuals who place a premium on mental wellness, rendering them suitable for a wide range of consumers.

Furthermore, we are concentrating on creating various offline stores and experience centres. This strategic move will not only promote the growth of our brand but will also allow our customers to experience our products first-hand. In addition, we are formulating plans to introduce our brand to the Middle Eastern and European markets through strategic distributors.

However, it is critical to note that our approach is not solely focused on expanding our reach but also on building a strong, community-focused brand. Rather than seeking out thousands of athletes, we aim to cultivate a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who share our values. Our community-centric strategy is what sets us apart and makes us stand out as a brand. As a result, while we plan to expand globally, we remain dedicated to our core principles and efforts to build a community.